You can reach Brittny by email at  b r i t t n y m a h a n @ g m a i l . c o m.

(She/Her/Hers) From a young age growing up in California, Brittny Mahan was drawn to the performing arts; expressing herself through dance, music, and theatre. Brittny's passion only grew after being accepted into Texas Christian University's musical theatre program, expanding to include the world of design. It was not long before she switched tracks earning a BFA in design, instead of musical theatre. After working with several companies in Fort Worth, TX, Mahan traveled across the country again; this time earning her MFA in Costume Design at the University of Connecticut.  

Brittny loves diving into a script and defining small details that help illuminate the bigger picture of each character, the story, and the greater themes that make the story worth telling. She finds it wildly exciting to collaborate with other artists to define and bring a character to life. As a theatre artist, and a human, she strives to surround herself with people from whom she can learn and share insight. A believer in the power of imagination, connection and discourse, Brittny is a sucker for any piece that encourages us to come together, incites reflection, and inspires questions. 

In these surreal and uncertain times, Brittny finds comfort in knowing she is a member of an industry comprised of creative problem solvers who specialize in working together to achieve a greater objective. 

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